Elevate Your Dubai Wedding with Modern Content Creation for social media

What Does a Wedding Content Creator for Social Media Do?

We’re more than photographers or videographers; we’re memory weavers capturing your special day’s essence. With female content creators rooted in wedding videography, armed with the latest iPhone tech, we seize candid moments. This turns into captivating social media content, crafting social media posts, stories, reels/TikToks, or a mix, tailored to Dubai’s finest wedding venues.

How Much Does a Content Creator Charge for a Wedding?

Our pricing respects your unique preferences, offering top-tier service. Costs vary based on needs, aligning with Dubai’s luxurious weddings. Count on us to deliver value that complements your opulent day.

What Is Wedding Content?

Imagine a digital tapestry immersing you in your wedding day’s splendor. Elegant posts, enchanting stories, dynamic reels – we capture every smile, tear, dance move, so you can relive it all.

How Do I Hire a Social Content Creator for My Dubai Wedding?

Infuse your wedding with modern flair. Reach out to our female content creators, experienced in wedding videography. On your big day, we harmonize seamlessly with photographers and videographers, ensuring candid moments are captured.

Does Wedding Content Creation Replace the Photo/Video Professionals?

No, we enhance, not replace, your experienced pros. Our modern touch lets you instantly share moments. Imagine heartfelt vows, exhilarating dance-offs – transformed into TikToks and Reels that amplify your celebration’s grandeur.


To make sure the technology does not fail, we are coming with a backup iPhone as well as a few power banks and additional charges and cables. In addition, we will have a mobile phone gimbal for smooth video footage and a dedicated microphone to record better audio.

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Ready to infuse Dubai wedding memories with modern luxury? Reach out today, and let’s craft your story of grandeur and love.

What to expect from social media content creator on the wedding day?

Stories posting instantly | Stories re-posting when someone tags you | Same-day post with photos | Same-day Reel/TikTok ready | Tagging all your vendors and friends so they can re-share your stories and posts | Using location tag for more visibility | Using Stickers for more interaction


Using your mobile phones to capture intimate moments | Recording guest video messages | Admin / PA on the day (answering your calls and messages when people want to reach you on the day)


4500 AED
  • 6 hours of coverage
  • 3 posts: 1 Reel / TikTok, 2 image carousels
  • Unedited photo and video delivery within 24 hours


From 3500 AED
  • Custom number of hours
  • Agreed number of posts: Reels/TikToks, image & video carousels
  • Unedited photo and video delivery within 24 hours