Wedding Videography Team

More than four years of specialised experience unites Evan, Justina and Justina (yes, there are
two!) in the Just Happy Together Dubai wedding videography team. Hailing from the United
Kingdom, they each share in a profound love of observational filming – where they act as a fly on the
wall beside you, to your needs, on your most magical of days – showing you and your loved ones’
inspired and individual personalities. Their passion for moving camera shots – shots that circle
round, towards and beside you – create a spontaneous flow that captures the essence of your most
special moments. They pay attention to the little details – like that last sprig of elderflower in your
posy, or that secret smile your grandmother wore, or the slight lilt in your voices as you pronounced
your vows – so you don’t have to.

Justina Rudé


Evan (Evaldas Vilius)

Creative Director

Justina Subaciute

Public Communications

Our Dubai wedding videography team offer more than just your standard service. We make the
most of your day, and simply celebrate our clients who are happy and in love. We want to know why
you’re getting married, why your beloved is the one, and what makes your relationship special. We
want to know your religion, if you need an all-female crew for your wedding, and the kind of
atmosphere you’re hoping to create. It’s these little details that make our Dubai wedding
videography team great, and help make the videography we produce a family heirloom for years to
come. We want to produce lifetime memories; memories that feel like they did on the day;
memories that can be re-watched with a tear in the eye and a smile on the lips. We want to capture
the essence of your happiness, so it can be brought to life again and again.

Contact us to share your wedding aspirations and your love story. It’d bring a smile to our
face, to bring a smile to yours.

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