Mobile Phone on The Wedding Day

Mobile phone on the wedding day

Mobile Phone on The Wedding Day, the best tip from BRIDE PREP. Although our mobile phones go with us everywhere these days, what should you do with it on your wedding day? Our practice had shown that having the phone on your wedding day with you could be really stressful, so we are sharing advice how to make sure that your day is not spoiled by this device.

Mobile Phone on The Wedding Day | BRIDE PREP

(video transcription)
A warm welcome back to “Bride Prep”! For this episode, let’s discuss your mobile phone on the wedding day. Do you know what can make your wedding day experience much more enjoyable and stress free? – Get rid of your phones, both of you. Give them to your dedicated person, so that you can be relaxed and not distracted from the festivities. We have seen so many people, especially grooms, getting frustrated during the day because their guests desperately need help in finding the location and keep calling them for assistance. Let somebody else deal with giving directions and solving any kind of issues that might come up. That person should have the necessary contacts and information about the wedding, and should be responsible for helping out the rest of the guests. It can be your wedding coordinator, your planner, your best man or maid of honor, but it can’t be you! And if you ever need to check your phone, that person will always be around. I hope you found this tip helpful. Make sure you guys stay tuned for more wedding advice videos. I hope you are having a great day and I will see you in the next one!

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